Ch.Shilhayork's Eau Daliage  "Sharon"

MultiCh RiodeLuna Hera "Hera"

   RiodeLuna Rain of Colors "Lady"

   Riodeluna From Heart to Heart "Paris"

    Glamorous Magic Girl Arenas "Nina"

     RiodeLuna Dolce   "Dolce"

     RiodeLuna Lady Chic  "Patylu"

     Wish me Luck Cambridgeshire "Lucy"

     RiodeLuna Chic Fantasy " Hachi"









    ChJr.Don't Stop The Music Garros "Sonny"

     Antolin Garros "Tikky"

 ChMex. RiodeLuna Stormy  Gloss "Jr"

ChMex. ChPanam.RiodeLuna Lion Heart   "Leo"

    Give me Five Estavillo "Merlin"

    Rio Sauvage Estavillo " Rio"

  Silver Poise Like a Rock    "Rocket"

 ChMex RiodeLuna Living In Dreams

RiodeLuna Solid as a Rock "Roko"






Thanks and enjoy!


Floater script courtesy of DYNAMIC DRIVE